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Your organization, regardless big or small, has one thing in common with every other organization in the world – You all create business records which contain structural information packages that reflect different aspects of your business and organization model. The sum of your business records constitutes your Archive and the process of sorting, structuring and storing your business records is your archiving work flow.

The point of structuring your process of archiving is that You will need this information over and over again, and for the purpose of being efficient the critical point are your archived information to be available when you need them.

INBOX helps you manage your archive with efficient technology.

We empower you with central point of communication through our Cloud Archive Solution where all the electronic meta data of your business records is safely stored and available to search and retrieve at any time, from any place, by any authorized user.

WE WILL HELP YOU ACHIEVE EFFICIENCY IN MANAGING YOUR ARCHIVE. Once documents are labeled and electronic register is build, you communicate with your archive through the Cloud Archive application that is provided by INBOX. Your job becomes as simple as giving work orders.

Your engagement is simplified to > SEARCH > FIND > SEND DELIVERY REQUEST.

Our solution will give you total control over all of your archiving processes from a single point of archive management tool. And this tool is cloud based. You don’t have to invest in software, hardware, or have maintenance, development and support costs.

WE WILL IMPROVE THE SECURITY OF YOUR ARCHIVE and assure that documents will be kept in full integrity

Over the last decade, privacy, data protection and new compliance regulation have become issues of concern for all organization. Each day we are faced with more stories about identity thefts, abuse of medical files, failed disaster recovery scenarios and most recent DATA LEAKS that produce disastrous damages for organizations, managers and business owners.

To protect our clients from the above risks and potential damages, we have created systematic approach to managing risks concerning all of the above issues and have implemented the most rigorous standards for physical safety and data integrity protection. Our company is standardized with the Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2015. Business records and information management protection is certified with Information Management Security standard - ISO 27001. We have structured our Facilities, Processes and our Security systems to eliminate all kind of threats.

WE WILL HELP YOU ACHIEVE TOTAL LEGAL COMPLIANCE. We will organize, sort and structure your retention codes in the CLOUD ARCHIVE APPLICATION according to your retention schedules and will label your documents with bar-codes that will be stored in the system together with the description of the records. By labeling the documents, we establish inventory codes over the documents and track any and all movements of these documents through their retention period. Our system allows you to create archiving rules according to the local regulation for classification and retention. All our services and processes are compliant with the Guidelines on the Manner and Techniques for Handling Archive and Documentary Material in Office and Archive Operations (Official Gazette of the RM, No.99 dates 02.07.2014).

The fast-moving digital world along with the presence of the smart devices demands information available whenever and wherever they need. Nowadays every organization aims to satisfy its customers’ needs with providing information at their fingertips.

If your organization wants to improve end-user productivity, to optimize searching and retrieval of business information, to improve security of data, to keep track of traceability – you need an appropriate electronic archiving solution.

We provide you with integrated solution for your physical and electronic archive - When it comes to electronic archiving, we have our Cloud Archive Application – Envision as a perfect solution for your organization. Our Cloud Archive Application – Envision is an integrated solution for both your electronic and your physically stored archive. Regardless, if you choose off-site or on-site record storage, using our solution you’ll be provided with bar-code labels and index notes for each item (document, file, folder, box etc.) you want to store.

Once labeled and indexed, your documents are part of your electronic register and you can search and retrieve them infinite times in multiple digital formats.

(AFP for printing, PDF/Accessible, PDF/A (archiving), PDF for e-presentment, JPG, TNG etc.) or retrieve them physically by creating work order for physical delivery of the original document. Our repository solution stores virtually all document types and makes them available for you at any time, any place with strict security and traceability. You create your list of authorized people who will access your E-archive. Their permissions and accessibility is also defined according your needs and internal policies.

We give you easy accessibility – Our Cloud Archive Application is a web-based solution. You don’t need installments and maintains of systems which can cost a lot. No need for any special technical specification to access our application. All you need is internet. And you have your archive, documents and information 24/7 wherever you are.

We provide you with flexibility regarding your electronic archive – Using our Digitization Services (more info here) we can capture and archive any type of content (paper, electronic, media) into our Cloud Archive Application. Documents can be archived in their original format or in a long-term preservation compliant format. You choose the format that is most suitable for you. All documents which are scanned and captured into our application are organized with flexible user-defined index plan (created in accordance with your, allowing easy navigation and customizable classification of documents (item types). Each document can be associated with a set of metadata for efficient keywords searches.

We give you complete control – You choose the list of authorized employees and you define their permissions and accessibility. Every assigned authorized contact receives a unique user name and password for login into our application. Also, at any given time we can provide you with full traceability of your employees’ managing and operating with your documents and information.

We give you control over one of the most important issues in each organization – Who access what?

We improve your searching experience

– We all have experienced wasted working hours searching for a specific document/information. Sometimes, we wasted days. The perks of having an electronic archive is not wasting time but having your information at a glance and focusing on your primary activity.

This is what our Cloud Archive Application offers. We provide basic (non-defined) search using keywords, tags and index notes. Also, our application has Advanced Search where you can filter results and define query fields. This way searching through your archive and documents, you will have your results in a matter of seconds.

Upgrading your document management practice from paper based to digital requires technology. What was normal 10 years ago was to purchase and install DMS (document management system) or ECM (electronic content management system) and set new organization rules for creating – sharing and distributing documents and information. But there is a problem. This software solutions demand advanced IT infrastructure, which will significantly increase your investment when it comes to integrate a DMS. You will not only have to invest in solid software for document management, but as well as for a solid IT infrastructure which will probably cost a lot. And these expenses will increase. Because technology changes fast, requirements for updates and migration of technology are even shorter. But most critical is that you need to provide for security of your documents. Along with everything you need to create functional BACKUP and Recovery points for your data.

What begin as a naïve investment in DMS or ECM, through “spillover effect” will turn to be huge investment in infrastructure, knowledge and human resources to manage this infrastructure.


INBOX CLOUD ECM solution, takes away all of the investments, takes away all the responsibility for managing data security, migration and backups and DELIVER FUNCTIONAL SOLUTION via cloud ECMs as a Service for you. You will get best in class functionalities via cloud service and we will take care of the software updates, infrastructure, backups, and technology migrations.

Our data center is ISO 27.001 certified and WE have no other job but to invest in Human Resources that are experts in Document Management. WE will provide you with Solution, Support and Security.

That is all you need.

Documents in an organization are either internally created or they come by mail as incoming mail. So what do you do when new mail comes?

In standard archiving process, you would open a registry, register the incoming mail and deliver it to the recipient. Usually nobody keeps track of who delivers what in the organization. At the end of the day, the incoming documents usually will go everywhere in the organization ending up in different offices under custody of people that are not authorized to keep and manage business records. Along the way, business records get lost, misused and even stolen. The ultimate point is that you have no control over these documents. But there is better way!

Digital mail room. When you get new mail/post, this document if it is not marked for personal use or strictly confidential, will be scanned at the point of reception and will be automatically uploaded in to E-registry. E-registry will distribute the mail in electronic format - Email to the end recipient, but the original document will go directly to the archive i.e. storage facility/room . What we do is separate the document as physical media from the information it contains. Information gets distributed to the recipient but the document will not move physically across the organization. What we provide with this service for you is:

You get efficient distribution of information and secure archive!

  • - Total control of incoming mail / post
  • - Integration of you post mail with emails
  • - Central depository of all you incoming / outgoing documents
  • - Easy access from any location to all your current and past mails.

Once you have your past converted in a way that operates flawlessly along with the present, you have established a solid ground for the future of your organization. Going digital is not only a perk nowadays. It’s also a necessity. Keep your paper documents safe and secure by operating them electronically.

By digitizing your documents, we provide a better life for your organization.

Digitization has two categories:

1. AD-HOC Digitization or On-demand Digitization. Whenever you are in need of having certain part of you documentation digitized you demand an AD-HOC Digitization. For example we can digitize for you your financial records required for an external audit, or your HR record for employees of the production unit etc. You choose which documents you need for daily use available at anytime, anyplace for any reason. Also you choose the best output format so you can operate with them without obstacles.
2. Programmatic Digitization or Systematic Digitization. With this type of digitalization, documents are digitized in their entirety in a planned manner. For example, we can perform digitalization of your subscribers’ contracts on a monthly routine. Or, we can digitize all you incoming invoices weekly. This way, you provide your employees with the highest efficiency because you make all the active documents to be available on their fingertips.

Digitalization keeps safe the original document. Since 95% of your time, you only need the information, not the physical document itself, having it digitized, keeps the original safe. Every now and then, paper documents, get lost by employees, damaged or even stolen. When using an electronic form of the document, its original is safe and secure in an appropriate storage facility.

Digitalization preserves your time. Once your documents are digitized, you have everything that you need right on your desk, or on your meeting, when you are on an international conference. You no longer run through storage facilities and lose precious working hours trying to find one single information. Your employees/colleagues are focusing on their main activity and productivity rises.

We provide you with best knowledge of digitalization services. Our experts can analyze your documents and put up a digitization plan for you, providing you with propositions for most suitable image processing, index tagging, and output format. We can create a short demo presentation of your digitized documents so you can experience the benefits of the digitalization through our Cloud Archive Application.

We can digitize ALL your records/documents.

No matter how big or small a record is we can make it digital. From A0-A8, standard and non-standard formats of paper, as well as media (micro-film, micro-fiche), 2D and 3D maps and artwork paper, x-rays paper, we are equipped to scan anything you have as a record/document. We have the best hardware and software technology in line to compete for the highest challenges when it comes to digitization.

Optical Text Recognition OCR - as a separate service. Optical character recognition is a mechanical or electronic conversion of images that contain electronic, printed or handwritten text. OCR technology globally is a widespread method for digitizing printed texts so that they can be edited, searched, stored, displayed on-line electronically and used in various other processes.

Inbox owns the latest technology for optical text recognition and this service can be executed as an "integrated part" of the scan operations that Inbox performs for its clients, or as a Separate Service, which can be used by clients who have established their own process of scanning but want to use the entire contents of the document as searchable indexes.

"We have a solution to add value to your scan process and the result of collaboration is the perfect document in which all content is available for search."

Постапката е сосема едноставна. Кога ке завршите со скенирањето, The procedure is quite simple. When you are done with the scan, you authorized yourself on the INBOX web service for the OCR services on our Cloud OCR service and perform a complete recognition of the text of your scanned documents.

Contact us and inform yourself of this opportunity!

When you want to set or change the principles of Office Administration and Archiving, but you lack the right resources or practical knowledge, we will help you to finish your job. Inbox will set the principles of modern office and archive administration and will help you achieve efficient operation, control over processes and full legal compliance with the laws and by-laws.

We offer the following consulting services:

- Preparation of a plan and lists of retention codes. We will create three Documents for you. The Basic Plan of retention codes, list of archive material and a list of documentary material with retention schedules. When these important documents are designed and implemented in your work, you have the ability to fully control the office administration and archive operations.
- Training for keeping a register book. Whether you have or do not have a legal obligation to keep a record/register book in accordance with the prescribed legal rules, this process is very important tool for controlling the entry and exit of your company's documents. It is a confirmation and proof of the existence or non-existence of a document that has a usable or probative value for you.
- Plans and Training for Implementation of Digital Reception Desk. The reception of daily mail and its distribution to the end user as well as the registration of the outgoing mail needn’t be carried out in paper form. The modern office administration is based on electronic systems for reception and handling of incoming mail and registration of the output documents. By implementing the digital reception desk, you get effective and complete control of this process.

Our mission is to divert our knowledge and practical experience to your advantage. Inbox is at your disposal!

The basic service you can use form INBOX is physical records storage. Basic service means you only pay for the secure storage facility. You bring your archive material to INBOX’s secured archive facilities and you picked them up when you need them. The Obligation to organize, classify, nominates, label and deliver the archive units reside on your side. Our obligation is to dedicate unique location, keep them safe and give them back to you at our client rooms when you request them. Basic storage service is very adequate if you have passive archive, documents for/of liquidated companies that reflect your need to keep the documents in their legal retention period but you don’t need fast retrievals and availability of them.

Basic service can be upgraded at any time and INBOX can take over additional obligation for labeling, organizing and structuring your archive material, provide you with Cloud Archive Solution and perform selection activities, pick-ups, delivery activities and /or destruction management. All other services are optional and can be requested and put in motion at any time.

We have 3 different types of Physical Records storage facilities:

Standard archive box storage: This storage is economy class storage for records with retention periods that are stored in standard archive boxes in the main warehouses. Standard archive boxes can be economy or compact class, reflecting structural strength of the box and its load capacity. (3-4-5 folders or mixed unstructured records) Boxes can be accepted and stored in our archives as open boxes or sealed units as per client discretion and are stored on structural metal shelfing.

FILE/FOLDER type records storage:Is compact class records storage facility where your business records are stored as Files or Folders. This storage type reflects your archiving practice and high availability needs. Records are labeled at point of Folder, file or even particular document and will be stored as such. File type storage is always open type storage and that is why we employ additional access level security to these storage units with personal key access principle.

Archive / Media Vault: with regulated microclimate conditions and enhanced construction and access security (for critical and vital information and information stored on electronic or magnetic media).

Archive vault is pure concrete facility with enhanced statics, micro climate regulation and 3 parallel security features. Access to this facility is biometric with separate alarm protection and 24/7 video surveillance.

When your information is vital or critical, our security vault provides you peace of mind.

Moving large amount of documents is serious logistics and security challenge. Moving documents from their original location pose a challenge of location management as well as serious risk of misuse, damage and destruction of these documents in the process of transport. That is why, we have developed highly efficient logistics services to help our clients move their documents to Off-Site location and / or retrieve them back on-site when needed. Our archiving logistic services are divided into two categories:

  • 1. Pick-up services
  • 2. Delivery services
    • 2.1. Delivery of documents
    • 2.2. Delivery of archive materials

Pick-up and delivery of documentation is carried out by our specialized vehicles from and to your premises. We have strictly defined routes and implemented system of 6 control points based on which we have information as to the location of the documentation at all times. Our vehicles are equipped with GPS devices and their movement is continually monitored during transport.

PICK-UP of documentation

We can pick-up your documentation in two ways:

1. Pick-up upon request – You login into you Envision account and you create a work order for pick of documents. You provide us with details for quantity, availability, authorized personal for handover the documents, address. We notify you for exact time and date for pick-up. Our team will meet the details from the work order and will follow your preferences.

2. Pick-up upon defined schedule – We can pick-up your documentation in pre-defined timing which is suitable for you. For example, we can create an automatic work order for pick up weekly, monthly, quarterly or any other type of schedule you are in need.

DELIVERY of documentation and/or storage containers, boxes or labels.

Regardless if a document is active or passive, the information contained in these documents has a value for you and we have developed a system to deliver that value when you need it. In most cases, you can extract the value of the information through our model of electronic delivery of the content , but there will be times and scenarios when you actually need the original business records. Whenever you are in need of the original document for legal issues, auditing, etc. we can deliver it upon your request. You login into your Envision account, you locate the document itself, or the binder containing it and you create a work order for delivery. When it comes to physical delivery we provide two types:

  • - Standard delivery - 24 hours’ notice – you create the work order today; you have your document tomorrow.
  • - Express delivery - 120 minutes’ notice

Since 95% of your time you only need the information from your documents, we can provide you with scanned copy in the format and quality you prefer in a matter of 30 minutes per request.

The process is similar. You login into the Envision account, you locate the folder containing your document and you write short description of the document you need such as (number of doc., title, date etc.). You create a work order by selecting “Scan on demand” service from the service menu. We send you notification and confirmation for the generated work order. In 30 minutes you will receive your scanned document.

Every effective record and document management demands a solid retention schedule plan. Solid retention policy concerns your organization regarding three questions:

  • 1. Do you destroy documents after their retention period?
  • 2. If you do, do you destroy them according legislative?
  • 3. If you don’t destroy documents of your organization, how do you keep them?

Inbox archiving technology is the best solution for successful record storage even if you don’t want to destroy any of your documents that are overdue. The application keeps an expire date for each item we define as a record. Using the date of closure of the document and its retention code (retention period), the application automatically calculates the expire date of the documents. This way you will be able to have a regulated retention policy in your organization and a clear view of the documentation that is still timely valuable from the one that is expired for storage.

Our Cloud Archive Application also provides you with a complete list of expired documents

You can generate the list on a period you prefer, bi-annual, annual, or on-demand. After checking the list with expired documents, you can decide which of those documents you want to destroy. We provide you with consultancy service in the whole process of destruction of the documents.

Digitazation is a process of conversion of your paper documents and media records into special sustainable digital format.

1. Digitalization of standard formats of documents

Our scanning department is equipped with the latest technology when it comes to scanners. Whatever your need from scanning of documents, whether you want to scan business cards or your technical elaborates with schemes and maps of A0, A1, A2 – we have the best technology for any kind of standard format you want to digitize.

For the most common formats of documents A4 and A3, we have scanners with capacity of 100 pages/200 images per minute, 600 dpi optical and up to 600 dpi output resolution. Our scanners perform on software that provides the best image processing and most suitable output preferences. Our scanners have DUAL LED Illumination, Ultrasonic multi-feed detection and Intelligent Document Protection.

For the bigger formats such as A0, A1, A2 we have the fastest large-format scanners on the market with an advanced CCD technology and the only wide format scanners with the ability to process full range of 48-bit color data, ensuring the most accurate image. These scanners have optical resolution up to 1200 dpi and maximum resolution up to 9600dpi, which can produce the best digital image you need.

The output file formats are: TIF, JPG, PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, BMP, etc.

2. Digitalization of special (non-standard) formats of documents

Not all documents are on plain A4/A3 paper. A great deal of document material (especially those considered as cultural heritage) are found in non-standard formats such as books, magazines and newspapers, artwork papers, handwritten or typed original manuscripts, letters and notes on exclusively thin paper, legal documents such as notary acts etc. Scanning these types of documents demands best hardware and software technology and a team of experts. We have this for you.

When you decide to digitize your non-standard documents, primary we will analyze those documents and put up a digitalization plan for you. In this plan we will calculate the amount of each format, providing you with proposal for most preferable quality resolution, image processing and output models. You choose what you need best for your business.

For your most fragile and sensitive documents, also documents which are bound and stapled, we provide contactless scanning with reproduction lightning, automatic book cradle, glass plate, all depending on the requirements you have. These scanners are for mass digitization projects and they depend on stability, productivity and high-image quality.

See VIDEO for contactless-laser scanning

3. Digitization of micro-film and micro-fiche

Micro formats such as micro-film and micro-fiche had been used since 19th century for purpose of transmission and storage. In 1936, the method of information storage officially endorsed microforms, especially the 35 mm microfilm rolls. Lots of organization used this method throughout the years for preservation of information. The problem was the usability. This form of media must be read only by an optical reader which makes it even more complicated to use. So organizations and institutions started looking for solution for the usability of the well-preserved information.

We have the technology that can return the usability of these information. We own the technology that can convert your micro-film rolls or micro-fiche into preferable digital copy. Our scanner for conversion of micro formats has a high-resolution optical camera of 26 Mega-pixels which is the best scanner camera available. This scanner can scan up to 10 images per minute from a film roll, and 20 images for fiche scan using optical zoom of 7-105x.

See VIDEO for digitization of 16mm Micro film

4. Digitization of x-ray documents, 3D, 2D

If your organization has transparent material of all kinds like x-rays, glass negatives, 35 mm microfilm aperture cards, cutout stencils, sepias and film, and you want to convert these media into digital images, we have the service for you. We own scanners which can scan transparent media using a special backlight unit. This technology that we have is considered as two times faster than the closest competition, because it is capable to scan the full bed at 300 dpi color in less than three seconds. This scanner possesses a scratch resistant, non-reflective glass plate expended to reach the edges of the scanner, making it 100% protective of the documents laid on it.

See VIDEO for X-RAY digitazation

Our scanners have revolutionary 3D scanning mode that captures the texture of surfaces so perfectly that the scan on screen looks like the real thing. If you are an organization from the medical, government, industrial or graphic art sector, you may find our services very applicable for your business.

“Scanning documents is just the beginning of the digitization process, in which the most complex operations are performed after the process of scanning.“

When documents are already scanned, digital copies can be used in two forms - as images or as text (content). Performing a complete digitization process means not only scanning for image acquisition, but also post-processing and editing, so that the information (text) is used in the most useful form for you.

Inbox for You provides 3 post-processing procedures for scanned documents.

1. Perfect digital copy. Inbox owns a technology called Perfect page, which in the very process of scanning, in accordance with the client and its needs, we set parameters for image quality (dpi), its color, automatic image size setting, automatic rotation and crop & deskew, improving the foreground boldness and background smoothing, which helps us create even better quality digital reproduction than the original.
2. Formatting. The basic format in which a qualitative digital copy is produced is "TIFF file". That basic format is not a document but an image. From this basic format according to the characteristics of the document and the needs of the client, the OUTLINE format of the digital document - PDF, PDF / A, JPEG, PNG, RTF, Searchable PDF and others - will be created. The base format is converted to the output format and the document is founded.
3. Indexing. Indexing is a process in which the "meta data" or "search indexes" that are integral to the digital features of the document are incorporated in the digitally reproduced document. The output format of the received data is also determined depending on the needs of the client (Searchable PDF, XML, TXT, DAT, RTF ...). By assigning indexes, the document becomes recognizable for searching and retrieval from the digital environment where it is located. Indexing can be performed in two manners:
3.1. As an automatic optical recognition of predefined indexes (zonal OCR). This procedure is only applicable when there is a standardized format of the original document. (Forms, applications) in which the text is written with a known computer font.
3.2. Manually embed indexes in the digital features of the document. When the document is not standardized and when the data to be embedded as indexes is not written with a known computer font, the indexes are manually embedded in the digital features of the document.


Data and documents have their own address.

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